Achieve Your Dreams and Become a Pro Cat Cuddler

What’s your dream job? For is, it’s anything involving cats. If you love cats as much as we do, there’s a job you don’t want to miss on. It’s based in Ireland and gives you a chance to change your profession to a professional cat cuddler!

You heard that right – a PROFESSIONAL cat cuddler. This, along with a panda caretaker, is most likely the greatest job on the planet. Plus, it’s located in Ireland – that’s a big plus. Posted online by the Just Cats Clinic in Clonsilla, Dublin, the job doesn’t require experience, but requires a lot of love for felines.

Achieve Your Dreams and Become a Pro Cat Cuddler 1

There’s a special test questionnaire regarding the job that asks questions such as “Is cattitude natural to you?” You know – the common cat fan questions. The Dublin-based clinic describes itself as the country’s only cat clinic. That’s as unique as it gets since most vets don’t specialize in felines.

Of course, the job isn’t all fun and games. The ideal candidate must have soft hands and must be gentle with cats of all shapes and sizes. The clinic is looking for a candidate who’s collected and calm and a person that understands the different types of purring.

Do you have what it takes? If we were you, we’d apply for the job right away.