These Cats Hate Monday Just Like Us!

Raise your hands if you like Monday…what, there’s no one? Yeah, we don’t like Mondays as well. Monday is probably the most hated day of the week and cats agree.

The gallery below shows cats that hate Monday just like you, but they will still give you a few laughs. Take a look:

1. When you are not prepared to face t, but you don’t have any other option. So you just let things happen the way they want to.

2. Do you think I like it here? No right! So will you come on your own or should I give you a special invitation to help me?

3. Just getting used to the Monday feels all over again and it feels terrible just like always.

4. Landing in trouble is one thing that I do purrfectly. Would you like me to teach you as well?

5. And just when you thought that you couldn’t handle more. There you go kitty!

6. Why do they keep on asking me to do the impossible? Do they think that I am a magician? Well, don’t you know that by now!

7. Hanging onto the last option to save yourself, but it isn’t going so well.

8. What should I do to get out of here? Is there some magic formula? Please let me know.

9. When you thought that you did the job purrfectly, but you have to do it all over again! Better luck next time, little kitty!

10. That how Monday actually feels. Did no one tell you little kitty? Well, now you know everything about it. Would you like to experience it again? Pull me out of here please!