The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel: A 5-star Hotel with Spa Treatments, Fine Dining and Even a Nightclub … FOR YOUR CATS!

YORKSHIRE, NORTHERN LONDON, UK – You have to see this to believe it!

A la carte meals, invigorating massages, a private pool, exercise and even a buzzing nightlife – The Lodge sounds like the perfect getaway … just for cats!

It’s a brand new destination from the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, offering the ultimate pampering experience for cats while their owners are away on vacations and trips.

Owners Jo and Phil Ounsley describe it as ‘Center Parcs for cats’: where each room is decked out with floor to ceiling real trees, shelving and aerial walkways, tree nests and ceiling mounted ‘lookout’ boxes with countryside views, as well as multi level catios and mini paddling pools.

Cats can enjoy healthy VIP options which include special menus, an exercise package with a cat treadmill wheel and also relaxation treatments.

It’s in addition to the original luxury cat hotel, which opened back on Christmas 2013.

Just get a look at the breathtaking pics of this place!

And here is a great video of what you and your feline friend can expect from a luxurious get-a-way here: