10 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Cats That Are Way Too Funny To Miss

Cats have a high opinion of themselves – it’s safe to say they think they own the world. Although most of us think they only care for themselves, they can bring you up when you’re down with their shenanigans. If you don’t own a cat, you’re definitely missing out on loads of fun.

Here are 10 Tumblr posts which show that cats are too funny to miss:

1. These cats are onto some serious family planning. We should better leave them alone for some time or they might end up taking the wrong decision.

2. The kitty has got some great intellectual interests. Everyone was amazed with the kitty and decided that he has the best company ever.

3. These girls are not going to leave their best friend alone ever. Even if it calls for staring weirdly at someone who is not listening to you.

4. Say that once again and you won’t be alive to say anything else. How dare you abuse my kitty!

5. When the kitty fulfils your last wish. After all, this one has got a huge heart, but it’s not big enough to let you go.

6. Can you see how purrfect this adorable kitty is. He has been taking careful of himself since he was a kitten.

7. This one knows how to deal with everything, but he is not particularly sure how to deal with his own anger. You better stay away when that happens.

8. When you get the wrong order delivered at your place. You better take it away before I rip them apart.

9. This kitty is our god. You will not say a word against him. Respect is what he demands and must be given.

10. What happened to these little kitties? They were absolutely purrfect a few minutes back. We shall start the investigation soon.