“If It Fits, I Sits” Gets A Whole New Meaning With This Cat!

The expression “If it fits, I sits” is one of the most accurate description of cats. Cats will sit literally anywhere, including places you weren’t expecting to see them. They are master sleepers who pick the most awkward positions to sleep in which sometimes defy all logic. We must admit we’re jealous – to be able to relax and sleep peacefully in unreachable places is surely something we’d all love to be able to do.

Their flexibility is mind-boggling as well – cats are incredible yoga masters and can bend their body in amazing ways to fit any nook and cranny. No matter if it’s a box, crate or a glass, a cat can surely fit in it, even if you think it can’t.

If you needed more proof, check out this kitty – she can fit herself in the most extraordinary spaces and is doing it with marvelous skill! Here’s a video of her: