Cat Owners Photograph Their Ungrateful Kitties Shunning Their Expensive Toys And Beds In Hilarious Ways

Doting kitty owners are usually content to lavish their beloved pets with expensive toys.

However as the photos just below show, their furry friends do not always appreciate their kindness.

Frustrated cat owners from different parts of the globe shared these hilarious photographs of their ungrateful pets literally turning their backs on expensive beds and toys in favor of discarded cardboard boxes and paper bags.

Some of these fickle felines can be seen lounging and napping on pieces of rubbish while their high-end beds sit just feet away.

While others opt to nap on the cold, hard floor or threadbare carpet instead of their plush baskets, cat houses and even cushions.

A handful of the images, which were originally shared on Boredom Therapy, hilariously capture the cats shunning top-of-the-line play towers to play in leftover television boxes.

These images are guaranteed the make you smile today!

Waste of money: This cat looks decidedly unimpressed with its expensive play tower

Peekaboo: Who needs a snuggly bed when you have a cardboard box with a hole cut out?

Gotcha! The plush play tower was ignored in favour of the cardboard box it came in

What, this? A cardboard box is opened to reveal a cushion – but the cat is not interested

Home sweet home: This cat tucks itself inside the box instead of the cosy kitty house

Make me: This defiant cat is happy to recline on the paper bag instead of the shark-shaped bed

No fuss: A leaking tap proves just as good as an expensive water bowl for this kitty

Lofty ambitions: The very top of this bright pink play house is the perfect place to relax

Gotcha! This confused cat pounces on its bed rather than climbing inside for a snooze

Purrrrfect: A dust pan proves the perfect place for a snooze for this resourceful cat

So close… Just inches from its comfortable bed, this cat snoozes on a hard wooden bench

Other ideas: This fluffy cat has no intention of sleeping in its red dog bone bed

Staring match: A perfect spot on the wooden side table – in between two comfortable beds

Not for me: A grey cat curls up in the corner of a day bed rather than in its own bed

Why sleep in the bed, when sleeping underneath it is so much more comfortable?

Underwhelmed: This cat shows zero interest in actually sitting on its elaborate new bed