10+ Images Of ‘Cat-Being-Plants Moments’

If you happen to own a cat then the miraculous transformation of the cats in to plants that we’re focusing on in this article may not be so surprising for you.

However, those who have never seen or heard of anything like this before, this is going to be really amusing!

Cats truly become water, they can even disappear in to shadows and now, they can magically also become plants!

PurrWorld gathered a couple of cute photos of cats camouflaging themselves as plants and we thought we would share them with you!

Some of these are just HILARIOUS!

#1 I love growing cats

#2 “Water me and I’ll eat you.”

#3 My neighbor’s cat always sits here

#4 A very rare shrub

#5 My cats favourite spot

#6 Pot kittens

#7 A well-grown plant

#8 “Got sick of all the cuddling, came here and slept.”

#9 I always find this cat sleeping in one of the pots in front of my office

#10 My cat finds the pot more comfortable than her cushion

#11 I often see this cat here

#12 Adorable little kittens

#13 Camouflaging game strong

#14 “Let me sleep.”

#15 Grew this bush

#16 She sleeps here more often than on her couch

#17 This is my bed

#18 Sleeping so peacefully

#19 She would rather sleep on those two pots

#20 Cute little plants with eyes