Pet Ginger Cats Being Stolen Throughout Britain – You Won’t Believe ‘Who’s’ Being Blamed!

BRITAIN – The release of a new brand Hollywood movie is being blamed on a spike of thefts – people are stealing other people’s orange kitties!

Pets owners sll across Britain have reported their beloved cats missing – and claim it is because of the release of the movie, ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’.

In Exeter, Devon, two ginger cats have gone missing from the same road just seven doors apart – with the owners suspecting that in truth = the movie released on November 4 is to blame.

Other ginger cats have also disappeared across Britain since the film came premiered – including in Bedfordshire, Surbiton, and Bristol.

Based on the international bestselling book of the very same name, the film stars homeless and recovering drug addict, James Bowen, whose life is completely transformed by a stray ginger tom cat named ‘Bob’.

Suspicion was initially sparked after the very first to disappear was a cat named Willsy in Exeter, Devon, who was closely followed by another neighboring feline whose name is Zebedee.

Margaret Haydon, who is 74, from Devon, said her sister’s cat Willsy vanished on Sunday, October 30 – and she does believe the movie is to blame.

‘It is really odd that both cats have gone missing within such a short space of each other,’ she stated.

‘Maybe I am being cynical but it just seems strange that the film A Street Cat Named Bob has just come out in the cinema and now ginger cats are disappearing.’

Mrs. Haydon went on to add: ‘First my sister’s cat went missing and then about a week later her neighbor’s cat who looks exactly like Willsy disappeared.

‘I have been out looking for the cats, but nothing has come of it so far. They are both beautiful, they are very friendly and are good with people.

‘No dead cats have been picked up so far. I hope someone will return them safely.’

The owner of Zebedee, who went missing one night on November 7, noted that it was completely out of character for him not to return home and also believes that the film could be responsible for the thefts.

Owner Alistair Brown stated: ‘Our cat has never wondered off before. We definitely think he was stolen. It was in the middle of the night and no-one has seen him since.

‘It could well be linked to the movie. The timing certainly raises suspicion.

‘We strongly suspect it is not a coincidence that this has happened twice on the same road in the same street at this time.’

There have also been various other missing ginger cats reported from across Britain since the blockbuster came out.

Among them, just this week, is a one-year-old male ginger shorthaired cat named Tiger who disappeared from his home in Bedforshire.

A two-year-old slim, pale, ginger cat named Jinx has also vanished from his home in Surbiton.