Man Saves Days Old Black Kitten In His Driveway

This is the story of Clover!

Clover is a tiny kitten who was found on the driveway all alone, screaming for help. When a kind and gentle man picked her up, she revealed a tiny white heart printed on her belly while meowing to him.

“My father lives in the Bronx, New York and heard meowing in our backyard. He decided to try and look for where it was coming from,” Luna x Mars told the fine people of Love Meow.

“He checked all around and saw nothing. He then had to go out to the store, and just as he was pulling out of the driveway, there she was – a little tuft of fur! She was sitting right in the middle of our driveway.”

The mama cat was nowhere to be found. “My dad took her in and called me right away.”

Luna is allergic to cats, but she just couldn’t bear the thought of taking the kitten to a shelter. “My momma senses kicked in and I insisted on fostering her till I could find her a furever home.”

The kitten was totally famished and wouldn’t stop meowing.

“When I got her, I went right out to get formula. She took to the bottle well and promptly fell asleep cuddled next to the tiger you see in some of the photos.”

“It almost made me cry to see her little body finally rest easy.”

In the days after they took her in, the weather turned freezing cold in New York.

“At 6 days old – kittens can’t regulate their body temperature. Thank God we found her,” Luna added.

Clover even has a new brother now by the name of Comet, who is also a rescue.

Watch the video of Clover getting a bath from Comet!

Photos by Luna x Mars