News Anchor Can’t Stop Laughing After Excited Kitten Takes A Flying Leap Off Table On Live TV!

Back in 2014, Fox 5 Atlanta hosted a “Pet of the Day” segment, which showcased different animals from the Humane Society each day, hoping to get them adopted, and making viewers happy.

In the segment below, we meet the show’s special guest. His name is Mr. Meowgi and he’s an adorable domestic brown tabby cat that was only a few months old at the time. You’ll quickly see that he’s quite energetic too.

As the TV host and pet handler discuss their cute kitty on the live segment, the kitty starts to get a bit spastic.

Eventually, he does a few random weird flips and jumps completely off the table!
The host absolutely loses it and can’t even continue with her lines about the crazy kitten. The pet handler takes over to close a Pet of the Day segment which is entertaining at the very least.

The truth is, as the host eventually said, it’s personalities just like this one that makes people fall in love through the screen! Furry little maniac!