11-year-old Girl’s Missing Cat, Presumed Dead, Returns to Prove ‘Miracles’ …

UNITED KINGDOM – An 11-year-old girl is now celebrating a “Christmas miracle”, as her missing pet cat returned after being lost near woods filled with foxes.

Dopey the cat, who is 8, went missing back in early November – but somehow managed to find his way home on Tuesday – despite his front leg being almost torn off.

Alice Eastwood, who is just 11, from Whittlesford near Cambridge, fell to her knees after finding Dopey and now believes her prayers were answered.

“Christmas has arrived,” stated Alice. “Just as we were giving up [on his return], he came home last night. It was kind of emotional really.

“We didn’t hear the cat flap but we heard meowing, and I just went ‘oh that’s Dopey’s meow!’ so we ran to see what the problem was, and he was there.

“It was quite hard to take in [at first]. It’s quite sad to see how he’d been running – and he was in pain. He probably got stuck somewhere, but we’ll never know.

“It’s really nice. Everything is back to normal now.”

Dopey went missing back on November 5, during Bonfire night.

The family asked for help from Blue Cross, Wood Green, the local vets, and she also put posters up in the village.

Alice 11, with cat Dopey

Jane Eastwood, Alice’s mother, stated: “Last week I told Alice that perhaps we should resign ourselves that either foxes have got him, or he’s found another home – but something in me never gave up.

“I still called for him every day in the back garden and front of the house because there was just some hunch in me that he wasn’t dead.

“We’re responsible animal owners and if you’re going to be one you must treat them like children and do the right thing and never give up hope.

“Alice attends a Church of England school and had been praying for him. And at 9:30 pm last night, we heard a very large ‘yowl’.”

Dopey needed to be rushed to the local vets to be treated.

He received a total of 48 stitches, lots of painkillers and antibiotics as a result of his injuries.

We don’t know how he managed to come home, he’s in a bad state,” stated Jane. “But he crawled through with one front leg almost severed.

“It had been severed to the bone – and he was dehydrated, septic, had hypothermia, so we rushed him to the hospital and got him home later.

“As we speak he’s on my daughters bed and delighted to be home. She’s not bothered about presents, her Christmas is here.

“Her and the vet agreed that her prayers had indeed been answered.

“Our very own Christmas miracle.”


H/T: www.cambridge-news.co.uk