13 Year Old Rescue Finally Finds Her Forever Human

When the rescue group took in a 13 year old cat, they believed she’d be with them for a long time until a kind woman came to them, asking for a ‘hard to adopt’ cat…

She found Sophia!

“We rescued Sophia from Hamilton Animal Control. This poor senior kitty’s owner died and no next of kin or family came for her after she ended up at HAC,” Ladybird Animal Sanctuary shares her story with the people at Love Meow

“We don’t know her exact age, or even her real name, but we think Sophia suits her. (a little nod to the Golden Girls there!)”

“Sophia was in rough shape with various issues when we rescued her, so we took her straight from HAC to the vet for assessment. She loves to give head bonks and was rubbing on our fingers that we had stuck in the carrier all the way from HAC to the vet clinic. Such a sweet girl!”

“Blood tests came back clear, and she had a dental surgery where 13 teeth were removed. Poor girl was in a lot of pain in her mouth for sure!”

Older cats are rarely adopted. They are simply overlooked at the shelter. The sanctuary thought Sophia might be with them until the end.

Then one day, “an amazing person contacted us who was looking for a ‘hard to adopt’ cat, to honour a cat of hers who has passed away. Sophia was the perfect fit!”

When Olivia met Sophia, they immediately fell in love with each other. The affectionate old gal head bonked her forever human as if she was saying ‘Thank you’ to her for taking her home.

Olivia shared: “Sophia came to me a shy cat but quickly blossomed into a very loving girl with a big attitude; she’s a very proper old lady. If she doesn’t like something–like a particular brand of food–she lets you know. Although with her raspy voice, you’d still think she was yelling at you!”

“She likes to be the center of my attention. Like the Queen, she announces herself upon entering any room. Time for my royal rub. She affectionately grunts until I respond to her. And sometimes, I admit it, we have a conversation back and forth.”

“As an old lady with mobility issues, she walks with a little more wiggle but she is stunningly graceful and doesn’t shy away from exploring high territory. She even climbs up on my desk to help me write emails!”

Though she’s already 13, she still a kitten at heart!

Source: www.ladybirdanimalsanctuary.com