Rescue Kitten Cuddled For First Time Now Can’t Stop Cuddling

Meet Cashew! When Cashew was first found, she didn’t know what it was like to be loved and snuggled. From the moment she experienced her first hug, she can’t seem to stop hugging back.

Cashew was abandoned at Petsmart at 2 1/2 weeks of age. “(She) was COVERED in fleas, her fur was matted with filth, and she had an issue with her right eye,” reddit user flashypurplepatches explained.

“The night I took her home, she wouldn’t stop crying unless I held her against my chest. I ended up holding her all night, which is probably why she cuddles this way now.”

They gave Cashew a stuffed teddy bear and she instinctively started hugging it and holding it.

Now hugs and snuggles are how Cashew shows her love even with the people around her …

“Cashew won’t sit on my lap. It’s the chest or nothing.”

“First she must suck earlobes, touch noses, rub faces, grab neck with both paws, and lick nose (my nose). Purr loudly. Repeat.”

When Cashew is ready for a nap, she buries her head into her human’s neck for some tight, serious snuggles.

She then proceeds to curl up into a little ball and nap in her human’s arms in bliss.

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