We cat lovers never seem to get tired of searching for and discovering cute kitty pics, as well as new and innovative ways to take these pictures. That’s why we are all excited that Carli Davidson, the photographer behind Shake and Shake Puppies, is coming out with a new book, this one about cats.

It’s called SHAKE CATS.

Davidson shot close to 100 cats for the project, each of them appear to be auditioning for a version of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.” Ironically, we believe that some of these cats might even be shaking it off (whatever it is,) even better than Taylor Swift herself can shake it off.

Davidson said a statement, “Cats are popular because they are awesome, independent thinkers, and humans love to worship them. We have been worshipping them as spiritual icons for 10,000 years, since the Mau (Egyptian cats) were domesticated and the cult of Bastet [the Goddess of cats, protection, music, love, etc.] took hold in Egypt.”

She then went on to say, “We were indebted to them for controlling disease-carrying vermin, and in turn often…saving our lives. Now, we worship them for their internet antics, because they bring joy to people all over the world. The rise of the cat back into worship status on the internet seems natural if you look at their historic significance.”

Shake Cats is out today! Click through to see a few photos from the book!