Bongo Cat, The Best Cat Meme in Years! (Don’t Tell Me Otherwise)

The internet is getting meaner by the minute. Social networking sites are turning to a stew of hate and it seems that everywhere we turn there’s some kind of bad news. Still, there is balance on the internet – among the variety of bad stuff, there is a ray of light like Bongo Cat.

Bongo Cat first appeared on Twitter in May and was created by @StrayRogue. The artist has previously released drawings of blobs, fish, dragons, and swords. The original Bongo Cat was a gif drumming with his tiny hands on a surface with the caption “smack, smack”. As @StrayRogue says, the gif was only another image of his imaginary cat character Rogu, and he never expected it to become a hit. But, thanks to the internet, it has gone viral in just a short while.

As soon as the Cat appeared, people have begun to ‘remix’ it. One user added bongos to the initial gif and set Bongo Cat’s drumming to a Super Mario tune. The user, @DitzyFlama, uploaded an extended version on YouTube and Bongo Cat became a globally trending meme.

bongo cat stats

Since then, hundreds of artists have ‘remixed’ Bongo Cat, so now you can hear the cute kittie drumming to the sound of Africa, Hall of the Mountain King, and even the Windows 95 tune. The fluffy creature was dubbed “light in the darkness” and “the only good thing online” and we totally agree.

Unlike other memes, Bongo Cat doesn’t require mental gymnastics – it’s just a kitty drumming to the sound of a tune. And that’s what makes it so great. Cat memes are evergreen on the internet, but Bongo Cat takes things a step further by bringing back animated cat memes which were popular in the past.

Of course, it’s only a matter of time before someone corrupts the Cat with an evil version, but for now, things are going great. Take a look at the best Bongo Cat memes: