John Lennon – The 60s Version of the Crazy Cat Lady

Everyone knows John Lennon (right?). The creative force behind the Beatles and a known pacifist, Lennon was a musical mastermind. We all know he was obsessed about his wife Yoko Ono, but you know what else he loved? Cats.

That’s right – Lennon was the equivalent of the crazy cat lady. He grew up around cats, he had several later and loved them all more than anything in the world.

Elvis was His First Cat

Lennon grew up with his mother Julia who had a cat named after the great Elvis Presley. He wasn’t exactly an Elvis – a few years after taking the kitten, she gave birth to a litter. This didn’t inspire the Lennons to change the name though – Elvis stuck best.

Tich and Sam

When he was growing up in Liverpool, John Lennon had two cats called Tich and Sam. Sam was named after famed diarist Samuel Pepys and we don’t know what Tich’s name was inspired from. His beloved Tich passed away while Lennon was away at art school.


Did you know that John Lennon had a cat named Jesus? This was during his Beatle years and was probably related to the infamous comment: “The Beatles are bigger than Jesus”. Compared to a feline, they certainly were.

Salt and Pepper

Along with his wife Yoko Ono, John Lennon owned two cats called Salt and Pepper. Of course, the white one was salt and the black one was named Pepper.

Mimi and Babaghi

The musician owned two cats called Mimi and Babaghi with his first wife Cynthia. Mimi was named after his beloved aunt while Babaghi was a tubby they just felt they had to name that way. In total, Lennon and Cynthia owned over 10 cats.

These are not the only cats in John Lennon’s life. According to historical data and rumors, he owned a total of 17 during his life which makes him the crazy cat lady of the mix-XX century.