15 Rescue Cats Proving Adopting Is Better Than Shopping!

When you rescue any kind of animal, you are undoubtedly changing two lives: the life of the animal and also your own.

Many pet owners have taken to Reddit to show how animals, in particular cats, can change between the moment you rescue them to the present day.

Meg from Shared.com wrote:

“This is my cat, Jazz, who we rescued from a shelter. She was found as a stray and was most likely abused in her old home. We got her when I was 15, and we knew she was the one when she reached out a tapped my dad on the shoulder. When we first took her home, she was skittish and didn’t even know how to clean herself (our other cat was on bath duty.) Now, she’s a certified goofball and will stop at nothing to get your love and attention. We love her so much we made a canvas print to hang over her favorite spot”.

Way to go, Meg!

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And now, here are 14 more rescue stories that are sure to melt your heart. If they don’t, then you might want to get your heart checked!

“He was skinny enough that I could feel his ribs and collar bone. Spork has since gained several pounds and made himself very at home here.”


“It’s pretty apparent how far he’s come in a year since we got him.”


“He’s done as much for me as I’ve done for him. He’s a great companion.”


“She’s come a long way”

“Here’s Brooklyn hiding under the fridge the day we brought her home. And now here she is taking up half the love seat.”


“My friend rescued a freakishly tiny kitten named “Stuart Little”. Here is a before and after picture.”


“My dumpster kitty; Before and after. Meet Marley.”


“He was found by a person who brought him to the local shelter … he truly melted my heart.”


“My cat Louie was found abandoned in the street at 2 weeks old … After weeks of bottle feeding and intensive care, he grew into a healthy kitten!”


“As he fattened up his playful side started to show itself – he is an extremely silly kitty!”


“There she was at the shelter … [Then] day one at her new home”


“Before is from the day I picked him up off the street, emaciated and filthy. After is a few months into his life with his new family!”


“Kaylee … Found inside wheelwell of neighbor’s car in June 2013”


“He was knocking on death’s door. Some TLC and close cat mommy monitoring and I’ve had him for 4.5 years now.”


Source: shared