16 Photos That Prove Cats Are The Worst Alarm Clocks!

Having a cat or two or thirty can be a great thing, however, it also comes with its challenges.

Cats can actually be quite bizarre creatures who have no care for your schedule at all. They have the ideal life and will do anything possible to make it happen, even if that somehow means waking you up in the middle of the night.

Waking up when you have a cat in your home is a process. Some of them just will sit quietly beside you and poke your face, while others will just sit right down on top of your head. Each and every cat in the world is different, however, they’re all goofballs.

These 16 cat owners featured below know only too well what it’s like to wake up when there is a cat in the house.

1. You can actually feel their presence watching over you.

2. If not their presence, then their loving taps

3. Some will flop their whole body down

4. Some might make their own little nest

5. They seem kind of creepy at times

6. Especially when their eyes begin to glow

7. They simply want to love you

8. In their own weird little ways.

9. Meanwhile, they just want their breakfast

10. Right now, if possible!

11. And if you won’t give them their breakfast, they will certainly make it quite uncomfortable for you

12. Some will give you quite the view to wake up to

13. Unless, of course, they are hiding your eyes

14. Or are acting a bit threatening

15. They aren’t afraid at all to weigh you down

16. In the end, we will give them whatever they want because after all, we love our cats so much!