20 Year Old Cat Dexter Proved That Truly Love Never Dies

When a family considers getting a new furry member, especially a 20 year old senior cat, there are surely a lot of things to bear in mind. You have to be absolutely ready for the commitment of taking care of someone 24/7 and giving unconditional love and be there no matter what. Just like human children, pets need attention, food, medical help – which can be very expensive.

If you have gone through this with your family, the very next thing to do is decide what kind of pet you like. Once you’ve decided that, the best thing you can do for your new furry, family member is to adopt him from an animal shelter. This is how you really save a life just like in the story of Dexter.

Dexter lived in a shelter with little hope at all to be adopted by anyone because he was already a 20-year-old cat living his retirement days.

The Williams family who live in Utah had something a bit different in mind when they went into the shelter to save a kitten. They already had a group of dogs back home and two children so they wanted to help and give a chance to a little kitten.

What treat and a surprise they were in when they saw Dexter for the very first time. It was truly love at first sight. Dexter was a fluffy black cat with white nose and paws and was the most lovable 20 year old cat ever. The very moment they brought him home he showed and gave so much love that it was a real surprise for everybody, even for those dogs!

He literally gave so much cuddles, showing and insuring that there is enough for everybody.

For an entire two years Dexter was an equal member to the family until he passed away. He did manage to leave a wonderful, loving memory to the family especially to the kids, teaching them to a new kind of love. He was truly the happiest kitty he could be and he succeeded in sharing the message that is never too late at all to save a life!

Watch the inspiring ‘farewell’ video just below!