Cat Lovers Are Completely Losing It Over This Rescued Cat With No Ears

When Otitis the cat developed Otitis externa, which is a condition that caused him to develop large cysts on his ears, his original guardians left the poor cat without medical attention, and unfortunately, when it got to the point that it was untreatable, they could not afford surgery to remove the poor feline’s ears. Sadly this led to Otitis actually being surrendered to Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore, but good news soon came! The rescue organization was indeed able to get the surgery Otitis needed and set out finding this sweet cat a forever home. And find the perfect forever home he most certainly did!

Over a year ago Molly Lichtenwalner suffered from a serious car accident, which left her with severe anxiety. Knowing how therapeutic animals can be, Molly logged onto to find a companion. Molly stumbled upon Otitis’ listing, adopted the sweet kitty and helped him become an Instagram celebrity.

With over 17,000 followers on Instagram, cat lovers just can’t handle all the greatness that is Otitis.

His cuteness is a bit much to handle, tbh.

Just look at that face!

Otitis has indeed lost some of his hearing because of the surgery but Molly explained in an interview with People that he is doing just fine. She also mentioned that he saved her from her anxiety.

However, just like any cat, Otitis loves to play inside bags, boxes, and of course, he enjoys trying to get the evil laser monster.

“Mom! Please! Some privacy here…” Not only is Otitus adorable, but he also quite sassy.

You just keep on being you, Otitis!

Molly started the Instagram page in order to show off Otitis’ unique look, hoping it would inspire others to give homes to traditionally less adoptable animals. However, Molly and Otitis haven’t stopped there.

The duo is now on a mission to raise awareness about special needs animals. Molly and her roommate, both of whom are speech therapists, have been creating a children’s book about Otitis and his journey in the hopes that others will learn to embrace their own differences.

There are literally thousands of deserving cats waiting for their forever homes at a shelter near you. Each and every year, six to eight million dogs and cats find themselves tenants of animal shelters with 2.7 million being put down, approximately 70 percent of the euthanized animals end up being cats. Many of these marked cats are actually healthy and adoptable.

Choosing to adopt rather than to shop for a new pet helps to reduce the homeless pet population and can help create more space in a shelter for other animals who desperately need it.

If you would like to follow Otitis on all of his adorable adventures, be sure to follow him on Instagram!

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