5 Kitties Who Have No Respect At All and Aren’t Afraid to Flaunt It

You should always show your cat much love, appreciation, and reverence. There certainly is a reason this animal was worshiped by ancient Egyptians.

However, just because we’re expected to show cats respect, that doesn’t mean they are going to return the favor. In fact, sometimes it may seem like they take our devotion as permission to behave any way they please. They certainly get away with it too, thanks to their precious, smooshy faces and too-perfect toe beans.

Here is just a sample of the ways that felines disrespect the people they love on a daily basis, yet still somehow manage to be adorable and lovable while doing so.

No Respect for Your Belongings

Never show a cat you care about something unless you want it to be subjected to your kitty’s mischievous whims.

Actually, Just Don’t Show Interest In Anything Other Than Your Cat

Even if the object of your attention is yourself, most kitties take great offense to losing your interest (even if they act like they don’t care) and will find ways to thwart your efforts to explore other projects.

Catkind Does Not Get a Free Pass

Take comfort in the fact that felines have a blanket, base level disrespect for all things, including other cats.

Your Cat’s Schedule Is Your Schedule

You mean you don’t want to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to watch your pet eat breakfast? Too bad!

Computers Are Nothing But a Heat Source

Thankfully, crafty cats have not yet learned how to harness computer technology to their advantage. They have learned that it really annoys their owners when they sit on it, though.

Via: people.com