Mother Lynx and Her Babies Photographed Crossing a Road in Alaska

ALASKA – A mother lynx and her litter of wee ones surprised an amateur photographer Monday when they came out of the woods to simple “hang out” on the Haines Highway.

Melody Anne McKenzie managed to snap the photos of the lynx on March 7 around 2:30 p.m., near Dezadeash Lake on the Haines Highway, south of the Haines Junction in Canada’s Yukon Territory.

Photography is a hobby for McKenzie. “My husband and I are retired and we like to take drives to find opportunities to take pictures of wildlife,” she wrote in a message to Alaska Dispatch News.

McKenzie and her husband Stan McKenzie told the CBC earlier last week that Stan had spotted one lynx first, and then the rest began to appear.

“By the time it was all said and done there was all the kittens and the mama and they all just came onto the road while I was standing behind the truck,” she told the CBC.

The animals didn’t seem to be afraid of her in the least.

After a while some traffic came along and they scampered off into the woods, she told the CBC.