Poor Cat Hung By The Neck Had To Break His Own Leg To Escape Death

In Bundaberg, Australia, a very young, friendly cat was horribly mistreated. Some human creep decided to hang the poor cat by its neck and then left it to die.

The cat somehow did manage to escape, but in the process, broke his leg.

After hearing about this cat on social media, Best Friends Feline owner, Nikki Chapple, simply knew she had to do something to help – no matter what the cost. Nikki stated that the cat had been living as a stray before he was attacked. Life wasn’t easy for the poor cat – and then this happened.

The cat’s leg was so horribly broken that it hung down and dragged on the ground.

The cat, who has since been named Odyssey, lost his front leg. He thankfully survived the amputation is doing rather well. At Nikki’s home, Odyssey now just wants to cuddle – and purr endlessly!

Get well soon and best wishes Odyssey! We hope Odyssey finds a loving forever home soon!

h/t: Pet Rescue Report