9 Cats Whose Lives Turned To Happiness After Adoption!

Adopting a cat who’s been through hell can really change its life forever.

When you go to the shelter to choose a cat who has seen some rough times, you are giving them the chance of a home with food and shelter, which is just as important as giving them the attention and love they need.

That is what makes the photoset below so important.

These before and after photos are very powerful, and certainly may bring up countless emotions and tear at your heart strings.

These particular furries were very lucky.

All of them were given the chance of having the best life possible and at the same time received the one thing they needed most of all … loving forever homes!

They say that all cats have nine lives. These 9 kitties were lucky enough to get new leases on life and on love.

1.) This bedraggled wee one was found not in the best of shape. But after a few years with a loving home, his looks are breathtaking.


2.) This baby found that life was too much for him and was trying to bite a car battery. Now, he’s got an intelligent, happy look, and his coat is grease free!


3.) This poor kitty had had it rough, but is now a majestic cat, with none of the beaten down look about him now.


4.) This kitten who once looked so miserable now is almost the stereotypical fat, content cat. Nothing says happy like a little belly!


5.) Kittens are prone to sickness, but with love and food they can grow up to be as strong as this gorgeous white and ginger sweetie.


6.) Sometimes all you need is a good hot bath to make you feel like the real you. This cat certainly did and the results are breathtaking.


7.) Just a wee bit of TLC can go a long way. Look how much brighter his eyes are now.


8.) This kitten isn’t even fully grown and you can plainly see the difference that having a loving family can make!


Please, folks. remember that you can make changes as significant as these in the life of a fur-baby with just your time and a little bit of love!

Don’t shop, adopt!