A Cat-Napper Caught in the Act Refuses to Give the Cat Back to His Mum

Not long ago, Jessica Smith and her family were devastated to lose the family cat Felix. The cat probably wandered off too far away from their home and they couldn’t find it anywhere. After a few weeks, they were sure the cat was forever lost and gave up on looking for him. That is until one morning the local vet rang Jessica and told her that Felix was brought in by some other people.

Now renamed Lulu, Felix was brought to a nearby vet who scanned his chip and gave Jessica a call. The woman found the number of the man who brought Felix to the vet and rang him, but he refused to give the cat back. Apparently, he found Felix half-dead in their garage, and after nursing him back to health, Mr. Stoner’s daughter fell in love with the moggy.

Jessica Smith, 34, organised a huge search for Felix

The police were of no help and Jessica’s kids were devastated. After posting the story online, though, Mr. Stoner had a change of heart and is now willing to give Felix back, provided that he and Jessica can agree on regular visits.