The World’s Most Unusual Animals

Meet the most bizarre and unusual animals in the world – the two-headed shark, deformed tiger or five-legged lamb will definitely shock you!

Kenny the Tiger

This poor soul is deformed due to inbreeding. He was dubbed the ugliest cat in the world and was bred through incest by a cruel animal trafficker.

Two-Headed Shark

A couple years back, an Australian fisherman caught this baby two-headed shark. Blue sharks produce many two-headed baby sharks due to carrying more than 50 in their womb.

Five-Legged Lamb

Forrest Gump is a five-legged lamb born on a farm in Derbyshire in 2017. Despite the extra limb, his owners say he’s in perfect health.

Two-Headed Turtle

This rare two-headed turtle was discovered in 2016. The turtle is perfectly healthy and vets fully expect it to live a normal life.

Two-Headed Snake

This unfortunate snake was found in California. Aptly named Tom and Jerry, the 17-year old cat beat all odds and was recently featured during a reptilian exhibition in Switzerland.

Two-Headed Kitten

This two-headed kitten wasn’t so fortunate. It managed to live only 3 days, with vets surprised it made it through the night. The cat was born with a congenital deformity and never expected to live to maturity.

Two-Headed Calf

The two-headed calf was born on a Florida farm in 2015. It had two heads, two noses, two ears and mouths and four eyes, and didn’t live for long.

Deformed Goat

This unfortunate baby goat with almost demonic features shocked everyone in San Luis, Argentina, where it was born a few years ago.

Conjoined Piglets

In 2010, a pig on a Chinese farm gave birth to conjoined piglets who had two bodies but shared a head. According to experts, the piglet may have possibly been a part of genetic mutation.

Two-Headed Calf

Another two-headed calf on the list, this one was born in China’s Hebei province. The calf’s mom previously gave birth to normal babies, but this one came deformed.