A Man on a Walk Finds Secret Cat Village

Going on a walk can be pretty interesting sometimes. Apart from the mental and physical benefits, you can also stumble on something beautiful in nature. Take a look at this one. A man from Porto in Portugal recently went for a walk and stumbled on a secret cat village.

You read that right, and the man was just as confused as you right now. At first, he saw one make-shift kitty shelter. When he followed the trail, though, there were more down the road.

He eventually made it to the secret cat village with a view you can’t forget.

There were around 15-20 cats in it, living in their huts or lying around. The cats were in pretty good condition and obviously happy and healthy.

They weren’t scared at all. The man also noticed that there were no kitties around, which means that someone’s been taking care of the cats with neutering and spaying.

Take a look at the pics – wouldn’t you love to find a secret cat village yourself?