An Abandoned Cat is Close to Dying, but Helps Comes in the Right Time

We often read stories about abandoned and mistreated cats that had to survive in terrible conditions. Luckily, some people have a great heart so they give them opportunities to find a loving home. This is one such story. A cat named Molly would have died for sure if it wasn’t for the help of a few people who came to its rescue.

Molly was abandoned by her mom and left completely alone. The poor kitty couldn’t care for itself, so it soon became malnourished and sick. When Molly was found, she was in bad shape. No one thought the kitten would survive the first night. She was literally skin and bones thin.

When she was taken to the vet, he revealed that she’s been infested with fleas. Those black marks you see on her face? Those are all fleas. The poor thing was in really bad shape and even had painful ulcers on her tongue so she had trouble eating.

Luckily, the vet didn’t give up on Molly. She was given the right care and medications and transformed before the vet’s eyes. After a while, Molly was up for adoption.

Now in her new home, Molly has owners who love her very much. They changed her name to Dinah. Her new owners previously had a cat of 14 years that sadly passed away due to heart problems. When they checked the shelter Dinah was in, they developer an immediate connection.

Dinah is now a lovely cat who enjoys a warm and loving home. Just like all abandoned cats deserve.

Source: Instagram