A Sickly Left-For-Dead Kitten Blossoms Into A Majestic Cat!

We’re all creatures of empathy. Our brains are just wired so we can put ourselves in another one’s shoes and imagine just how they would feel in certain situations. Seeing someone close to us in pain creates waves of empathy in our brain, making us seek solutions to their troubles. However, this doesn’t apply for humans only – we also feel empathy for our pets.

Justina Strumilaite recently found a tiny kitten on the sidewalk who was weak and surely wouldn’t survive on his own. She felt sorry for the little guy and decided to take him back home. She refused to let him suffer outside and named the cutie Brownie.

When she brought the kitten home and washed him nicely, she noticed something different. Brownie had only 2 toes on one of the front paws. This condition is known as “split foot” and is quite rare unlike having extra toes (polydactyly). Brownie’s condition is known as syndactyly and is the most common form of split foot. Luckily, simply clipping the kitten’s toes regularly will keep the condition under wraps.

Brownie’s “lobster claw” doesn’t seem to be bothering him – his only problem comes with food. When Justine brought him home, he didn’t eat for days, so his condition was getting worse by the day. Since he didn’t eat, Brownie become even more malnourished and things were getting serious. However, Justina didn’t give up and managed to get the kitty to eat and drink food – once it started eating regularly, Brownie grew into a pretty handsome guy.

Once Brownie was nursed back to health, Justina learned about its great personality. Brownie gained weight pretty quickly and his fur started growing like crazy as well.

Brownie, the kitten which was left for dead on a sidewalk grew into a beautiful fluffy cat and is now enjoying his time with his owner.

What was once a sickly kitten has blossomed into a majestic cat. This is just another reminder that we can do anything with love and compassion.