A Twitter Account Pairs Cat Pics With Metal Lyrics And The Results Are Genius!

As everyone already knows, cats are cute, cuddly, intelligent and independent, they are part of the family for millions of us. However we also know about their reputation for dabbling in the darker side.

Since the Middle Ages, cats have actually been associated with witchcraft and demons, kept by witches as familiars “those hellish imps that took the forms of animals to assist witches in their evil deeds”. All of this sounds pretty metal!

Even in this day and age, some of these these stereotypes have survived. We know you’ve heard the one about black cats bringing bad luck, right?

Well, Black Metal Cats is a Twitter account which celebrates the inherent doom that our feline friends possess.

Bored Panda went ahead and compiled their favorite tweets from the account, perfectly pairing dark, black metal lyrics with brooding pictures of cats that hilariously capture the mood.

NOTE: These are best viewed with slow, heavy metal music playing in the background.

We just know you’re going to love these, too!