Samson The Maine Coon is Literally the Size of a Full Grown Bob Cat!

Samson is a 4 year old Maine Coon whose total size is that of a fully grown Bob Cat. He’s more than 4 feet in length and could possibly gain the title of largest domestic cat in the world.

Stewie, who passed away on 2013, currently holds the Guinness world title by measuring 48.5 inches (4.04 feet or 123.19cm).

Jonathan Zurbel, who is Samson’s human dad states: “He is not fat or overweight but a strong Husky sturdy cat.”

Samson, like his size, is actually quite a character who loves to play fetch and often follows his humans around the home and then will pick a spot close to them where he sits and keeps them company.

Even when he was a kitten, he was a big kitty with large ears. Jonathan adopted Samson from his brother and when they met it was love at first sight.

At four years old he is now officially the biggest cat that Jonathan has ever seen.

This enormous cat is Jonathan’s most loyal and affectionate companion in the world and each and every morning he comes into the bedroom and sit on his human’s belly, loudly purring and then gives a lovely belly massage

“He is very kind and sweet and a very well behaved cat,” explains Jonathan. “He is a dream cat.”

We think you’re pretty awesome, too, Samson!

Photo credits: Jonathan Zurbel