Cat Decides It’s Time to Quit the Street, Goes Back to Woman who’s Been Kind with Him

It seems that destiny sometimes has a plan for specific cats. Celine Crom, a staff member of the Chatons Orphelins Montreal rescue in Canada, recently saw a tomcat hanging outside in her yard. The kitten was a bit shy, and constantly looking for food. It was obviously hungry, and Celine couldn’t leave it like that.

In the following weeks and months, the cat made it a habit. She knew that she needed to rescue him, and her position in the shelter helped a lot.

Luckyou Gets Saved

Celine named the cat Luckyou and continued to feed him every day. It was clear that the cat was very hungry and looking for a home, and he was also in need for medical assistance. She decided to take him to the shelter, which required a trap with some treats. Although Luckyou was very timid, he instantly walked in!

She was amazed that he entered that trap that easily. It looked like he knew he needed help and that he was ready to quit the street. He definitely needed a trim, a bath, and medical help. The cat was covered in mats and his mouth was so heavily infected that he couldn’t close it properly. He tested positive for FIV and was estimated to be around the age of 7.

After a dental surgery and proper treatment, he didn’t feel pain anymore. In order to get his trust in humans back, he was sent to a foster home and received all the love a cat could get. From a timid cat in pain, he turned into a lovely purring tabby, living the rest of his life as he deserves – free of pain and in a loving and warm home.