A Woman Comes Across a Mysterious Trash Bag, Then Hears Faint Meows Coming from Inside!

Animal abuse has become so common worldwide nowadays. Every day, the internet is literally flooded by stories of cats and dogs just thrown out like trash. Just like us, animals need proper care. You can’t just throw a litter out in the trash just because you don’t plan on keeping them. It’s immoral and wrong, and in our opinion, these people aren’t anything more than murderers.

Luckily, there are still kind people left in the world who make it their mission to help poor and abandoned animals.A few weeks ago, a woman was walking her dog in Rio de Janeiro when she saw a trash bag in the middle of the path. As she got closer to the trash bag, she heard faint sounds of meowing and knew what was inside.

It was a tiny kitty who was grasping for air as the trash bag was sealed! It was clear someone left it to die there,but the woman was kind enough to take it back home with her. She cleaned it nicely and gave it some food, and was finally put to sleep in a warm bed. The woman named the kitty Dobby, and after a week, it recovered pretty well.

Dobby now lives in a foster home with others cats who were also abandoned like him. Fortunately, people like the woman who found Dobby give these animals a second chance at life, just like they deserve.