Sally Jones Calls for a Ban on Cats in the UK, and Fans Are Furious About It!

Sally Jones, the famous journalist and TV presenter, has enraged the animal lover community after calling for a ban on cats in the UK just so the bird population can thrive. Cat fans were especially furious at the idea, which comes after a controversial law in one New Zealand village, where cat owners can’t replace their pets with new ones after they die, which means that cats will eventually die out in that region.

Sally Jones 1

(Image: ITV)

Sally Jones agreed with the idea of one of her guests, sparking rage in the animal lover community. Holly Willoughby, one of Jones’ guest, immediately defended cats, saying they benefit a family in many ways. Fans couldn’t believe that Jones would cull cats like that, calling her out on Twitter and asking for the studio to fire her.

Sally Jones

(Image: ITV)

Although we wouldn’t be so rash, we agree with the people’s reaction. Cats can’t just be banned because they’ve hunted a few birds. Ridding areas of cats can have catastrophic consequences on the ecosystem, just like eradicating any other animal. Sally Jones was wrong this time and should apologize.