Woman says she killed husband because he beat the cat

Yesterday, the Dallas police department released a statement in which they revealed that a 47-year old woman admitted she killed her husband after she learned that he’s been beating their cat. Mary Harrison has been arrested on charges of murder for killing her 49-year old husband Dexter Harrison and is currently in prison with a $100 000 bond.

Harrison admitted that she argued with her husband and got so enraged that she shot him. The man succumbed to the wounds in a Dallas hospital. Mary Harrison admitted that her husband has been beating their cat, which, according to neighbors, went missing a few days ago. However, the cat returned after Mary posted up pictures of it disappearing.

Soon afterward Mary suspected that Dexter has been beating the cat and after confronting him about it, she became enraged and lost her cool, wounding Dexter gravely. It’s another proof that people are ready to do anything for their cats.