Abandoned Cat Hopped In Man’s Lap For Cuddles!

This cat was walking through a neighborhood after he was abandoned by his family, and simply hopped into an animal lover’s lap.

“I moved into a new house with some work friends, and after a few days we noticed this guy living under a hedge,” reedit user Beartow stated. “He had been left by the woman who lived there before us when she moved out. Not neutered, underweight, and dirty…”

“He took every chance to cuddle up with me outside. I named him The Professor.”


He became the cat’s food sole provider, and even brought him to a vet to get him checked and fixed.

“Almost exactly a year later, my girlfriend and I have moved, and this time he came with his owners! He’s almost like a dog in that he follows us everywhere, comes to the door to meet us when we get home, wakes us at six in the morning for cuddles.”


“I don’t understand why his previous owner just abandoned him – he’s a lovely boy who just likes to sleep on his back all day in between playtime and cuddles!”The kitty cuddled his way into his loving home. He knew this guy would love him for life. “It’s been a joy seeing The Professor’s personality emerge over the last year… He’s turned us into a little family, and I couldn’t imagine him not being with us. I seriously love this little guy!”


What a magical story! What a special, (and lucky), kitty indeed!