Facebook Group Where People Share The Best, Unexpected Encounters With Cats

We’ve all heard about and seen pics of dogspotting, but what about catspotting? Thanks to Facebook, catspotting is a thing. Created in 2014, Catspotting is a group where cat fans and owners share their weirdest cat encounters.

The group’s creator, Ruby Black, says that she encourages all members to share stories behind the pics. There have been some pretty strange situations in the past, so it’s no wonder that millions have joined the group.

From kittens in the Sahara desert to cats popping out of a wall, these are the strangest encounters of the cat kind.

#1 The Last Thing I Expected To Spot In The Sahara Desert Was A Tuxedo Kitty. The Berber People In Our Tent Told Me He Visits Sometimes To Chase Away The Scorpions

#2 My Chest, Not My Cat! Spotted This Beautiful Big Guy In My Dad’s Garden A Few Days Ago

#3 This Stray Mama Has Come Around For A Few Weeks Looking For Food. She Finally Brought Her Baby Around And I Cannot Handle The Politeness

#4 My Boyfriend And I Rescued This Little Guy Off The Side Of The Side Of The Road. He’s So Little! Poor Little Guy Kept Almost Running Out Into The Road Crying For Help

#5 Spotted In The Building In Front Of My Job!

#6 I Was Watching TV In My Living Room, Only To Realize I Too, Was Being Watched. Bc, Canada.

#7 The Smoke Has Cleared Up A Little Bit Here In The Bay Area, So I Went Out For A Walk And Spotted These Two Buddies Enjoying The Night Air Together.

#8 My Brother Spotted This Lil Baby In The Middle Of The Road So He Brought Her Over To Give Her A Bath. He Bought Some Kmr Since She Seems To Only Be Around 2 Weeks Old And Took Her Home

#9 Took This Photo Of The Most Cuddly Lil Ginger In The Middle Of A Head Shake While It Wouldn’t Stop Purring, Such A Majestic, Graceful Beauty

#10 Ensuring No Bookmarks Are Stolen On His Watch