Grant Money On Its Way To Help Feral Cats in Texas

BELLMEAD, TEXAS – Stray cats have been an issue in Bellmead, Texas for years and now the city has the money to fix the problem.

In the past, city leaders say hundreds of cats were roaming the streets.

And so now, PetSmart has given the city a $25,000 grant to cut down on the population.

Close to 300 cats brought into the shelter this year are now spayed and neutered, which is greatly helping to reduce the numbers.

By taking care of the problem city leaders say it can also help free up much needed space at the animal shelter.

“It’s not good for the shelter because that means that we have to work harder to find more homes and if we can control that with these free grant dollars it’s a win win for everybody,” said Humane Society of Central Texas director Don Bland.

PetSmart placed just one stipulation on the grant; the money has to be used by the end of April.