Adorable Budgie Spends Of All Her Time Playing With His Cat friend

It’s been said that love abounds in the most unexpected places. This 10-year-old cat would certainly agree with that, having become best friends with a small creature that chirps a lot!

Yasha is a tiny budgie who has managed to make a huge impression on the senior ginger cat, whose name is Bonifazii. The bird follows him wherever and whenever he goes, and the two have been inseparable since the day they met.

When Yasha was first welcomed into the family, Bonifazii immediately made her feel at home and acted very kind and gentle towards her. Over the course of some years, the pair has continued to grow closer and more comfortable with one other. The budgie even began a fun game where she climbs the feline’s back and hitches rides around the house.

Each and every morning, she sings songs to the cat with her lovely chirp and he listens calmly.

They also enjoy inventing new games – Yasha will fly around in a circle while Bonifazii jumps around and tries to catch her!

“They have been together for five years,” explained their human, whose name is Irina.

“They chase each other all over the apartment. We have a lot of fun.” They can’t stay away from each other for more than a few moments. They also want to know where the other one is in the apartment. Bonifazii will take a nap and Yasha joins him immediately, sometimes keeping him out of sleep with all the cuddling”.

All of Irina’s friends who have met the animals and witnessed them together find them totally adorable.

The two even have their own Instagram account where their followers and fans post cute messages.

Be sure to follow their page to see more heartwarming photos and videos that are sure to make you smile!

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