Adorable Ginger Cat Inspects New Baby for the First Time

If any prospective parents are wondering whether their cat and baby will or won’t get along they will be instantly put at ease by this touching video.

The adorable footage in the video below shows a tiny, nappy-clad infant, thought to be called Emily, nuzzling up to a large ginger cat without an ounce of trepidation.

Initially the kitty places its paws on the baby’s head, at one point even putting it worryingly by her eye (although Emily seems unfazed by the rough and tumble and simply blinks), before the mom filming chastizes the pet and moves her paws away.

But the child seems to have passed the cat’s test and from then on, the video shows nothing but affection for the little one.

The animal burrows its head into the baby’s as Emily stares engagingly into the camera – the perfect model.

Responding to the child’s outstretched hands the cat then gently head-buts his new friend to which Emily Emily responds by gurgling in delight, making the mum laugh.

The cat then flops his fluffy ginger body next to the kid’s.

Their heads are pressed against each others as they stare up at the camera as though they are posing for a selfie.

Her hands clasped, the infant lets out some adorable babble pleasure.

She seems unbothered by the cat’s presence – she is clearly so used to it’s affection.

The embodiment of best pals they rarely disconnect their bodies, laying their heads against each other perhaps for comfort and protection.

If this adorable clip doesn’t make you long for both a babe in arms and also a cat I don’t know what will.

It is believed to have been filmed somewhere in France.