Watch: Human Helps Cat Try to Catch a Moth

Cats can certainly jump. In fact, cats can actually jump five to six times their own length in a single bound. So while this ability makes them great for scaling, it doesn’t always help them catch things, especially those pesky moths. Those moths are extremely agile fliers, and while cats can get the height, they’re often not in the air long enough to get a really good grab on the erratic bugs.

So even high-jumping cats may need some assistance from their moth-hating humans. Luckily for the kitty in the video below, a human is there to lend a hand. Hoisting the cat up, the human allows the cat to make a number of grabs at the moth. It almost appears as though the cat is punching at a speed bag sometimes.

It doesn’t seem to help, however, and the moth continues to fly free.

How many of you have actually tried to kill a pesky insect this way?

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