A Family Does a Perfect Photoshoot for Newly Adopted Kitten

Professional photographers and cats are a match made in heaven. Cats are very photogenic when they are in the mood to pose for pics. At least Elsa the kitten is, according to her adopter Cassie Borcherding, a pro photographer from Missouri.

Cassie, a mom of 4, just recently adopted the kitten after finding it in the garage. As soon as she brought it back home, her four children wouldn’t stop bugging her for a photoshoot. Cassie obliged, creating storybook moments with Elsa that look so darn cute.

When Cassie saw the kitten in the garage, she had no idea what to do. She decided to show it to her kids, and 4-year old Emma fell in love with Elsa. She was named after Emma’s favorite cartoon – Frozen. It didn’t take more than a few days for the photoshoot to happen. The kitten didn’t resist, which resulted in a slew of incredible pics.

Do you like the photoshoot Cassie did with Elsa? We sure did!