Angry Stray Kitten Discovered Wounded Gets His World Flipped Around By …

In taking just one look at this ginger cat and you can tell there is a long, sad story he has to tell.

He was discovered walking in a neighborhood in Wisconsin with a horrible, deep wound on his neck. Thankfully, he was immediately taken to a shelter.

Turns out the cat, Nutmeg, had actually been living in the neighborhood as a stray for about a year and then he disappeared.

When he returned, Nutmeg had the wound on his neck. The shelter wasn’t equipped to handle his wound and so, they decided to reach out to Kenosha Forgotten Friends for help.

Nutmeg was taken over to be seen Dr. Carlisle who examined him and discovered he was one sick cat! Nutmeg had ear mites, fleas, an upper respiratory infection, and the wound on his neck was extremely infected – Oh, and he was FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) positive.

FIV, according to the ASPCA, is a slow-acting virus that weakens a cat’s immune system. The cats are often more more susceptible to other secondary infections but can lead comfortable lives for years before the disease reaches the chronic stages.

The staff started treating Nutmeg and eventually he underwent two surgeries to repair the damage to his neck.

Nutmeg got stronger and stronger and was a very happy cat! He and his foster mom like to snuggle together.

There is a happy ending to Nutmeg’s story, thankfully – he did manage to find himself a forever home with a loving mom! FIV is a transmitted from one cat to another through bites.