Kitten Still a ‘Happy Camper’ Despite Two Legs Which Were Cut Shorter!

SOUTH AFRICA – A veterinarian is suggesting this cat’s legs were cut off with a sharp object approximately two weeks ago.

This is all according to Annalise Jungmann, who is the senior welfare officer and one of the directors of The Animal Guardians (Tag), Benoni City Times reports.

She explains that the organization conducted its weekly outreach in Etwatwa on Tuesday (February 7) when they saw a box move in the veld near them.

“We ran to check, and when we looked, a kitten’s face popped out,” stated Jungmann.

The inspector went on to say that she and her colleagues did not expect to find that the feline had the lower half of its hind legs cut off when they returned to the Tag premises.

“All four of us burst into tears; we were overwhelmed,” Jungmann went on to add.

A veterinarian noted that the cat’s legs were cut off with a sharp object, which was probably done a couple of weeks ago.

The inspector stated that the kitten’s wounded legs were not infected and that she had no ticks.

“This was a loved kitty,” stated Jungmann, going to say that she thought the person who was caring for the 12 to 13-week-old cat was not the one who cut off the legs.

Jungmann stated the cat was not in any pain and would be able to lead a normal life.

The cat will soon be adopted by a Northmead resident.

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