Another Miracle Cat! This one survives 16 days in Italy’s Earthquake Rubble!

Another Miracle Cat! This one survives 16 days in Italy’s Earthquake Rubble!

ITALY – Pietro the cat has been miraculously pulled from the rubble of the central Italy earthquake after surviving 16 days with no food, limited air and only rainwater to survive on.

“He’s hurt, but alive. He’s called Pietro,” stated Italian animal protection agency ENPA, which has assisted in caring for the lucky feline along with hundreds of other pets who were all victims of the quake.

Firefighters were accompanying Pietro’s owners in order to retrieve personal belongings from the house when they heard some faint

When the family realized their pet, whom they had just about given up for dead, was still very alive under the ruins, they assisted in the rescue.

“Every life saved is an indescribable emotion. And luckily, miracles never end…” stated ENPA, using the hashtag ‘#ForzaPietro‘ (go Pietro), It added that the cat’s family were “astonished and emotional in equal measure”.

Pietro was rushed to the local vet and then rushed to the larger clinic in Rieti due to his deteriorating health. Initial x-rays showed he had suffered a fractured jaw, and he is now set to undergo further exams to assess his condition as well as surgery on his jaw.

ENPA has been updating all of the followers on the condition of the animals rescued from the quake-damaged towns via its Twitter page. It has even sent its workers on bicycles to deliver pet food and other assistance to hard-to-reach areas, as well as caring for injured animals in clinics.

Another cat, named Gioia, survived five whole days in the ruins of her home before being rescued, and a golden retriever named Romeo was pulled from the rubble of Italy’s earthquake more than nine days after he was given up for dead.