Lovesick Cat Grieves Owner’s Absence In The Sweetest Way

Unlike dogs, cats have a much more enigmatic character. Their subtle personality and mysterious body language is not exactly easy to pinpoint. And, although cats do not behave what one would call normal, some cats know how to ‘send’ their message. This cute black cat is a perfect example of it.

Yuuki was adopted this year by Erin Nimrichter and her son Max. Max was about to graduate and leave for the army, and he wanted a pet that could keep his mom company while he’s away.

While searching the shelter for their new pet, Yuuki caught their attention. He looked like a tiny panther and Max and his mom knew he’s the one. The cat was named Yuuki as a tribute to The Shins’ member Yuuki Matthews.

Max and Yuuki became good friends in the following 6 months before the boy left. They were inseparable during that time, sleeping together and cuddling all day long.

Although Yuuki was meant to be a pet for Erin, he fell in love with Max. According to Dr. Elizabeth Stelow, an expert on animal behavior from the University of California, cats’ relationship with people vary, just like people have a different relationship with different cats.

When Max left home, Yuuki started waiting for him at the window every day. After a few weeks, the cat realized the boy wasn’t coming back soon, so she found a new way of keeping his memory alive by staring at a picture of Max.

According to Erin, she would spend hours just looking at the photo, even meowing at it sometimes. It’s clear that Yuuki’s bond with Max is very deep and she just can’t stand being apart from Max. Erin uploaded a clip of Yuuki’s behavior on YouTube and it instantly went viral.

Luckily for the cute black kitty, she won’t wait to long to see her favorite human. Erin is planning to visit Max in the next few weeks and she’s dying to see Yuuki’s reaction when they’re reunited.