Anxious Kitty Stands on Hind Legs and Goes Crazy When His Human Arrives Home – VIDEO

The overly warm, people-loving personalities of cats isn’t always seen by all, specifically by people who don’t love cats as much as we cat people do. But the cat in this video clip has proven to be the exception to the rule.

Instead of offering his loving owner a simple cold stare from across the room, or – at best – a a head butt, this little kitty goes ballistic at the sight of his owner returning home.

Standing on his hind legs against a glass door, the tiny cat is completely overjoyed that his favorite person has made it back after being away for a few hours.

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Unable to control his excitement, he leaps up and down on the spot as if he is bursting with pure happiness.

Not only that, but he tries to clap his tiny paws together in sync.

All the while his presumably thrilled owner teases the adorable pet a bit by moving his finger up and down the window – leaving the kitten even more enthralled.