Cat Stuck Down in 100-Foot Well for Over a Year … Then Suddenly, One Day …

When Saad Awais, a man who lives in Pakistan, heard the helpless meows of a cat stuck in a well on his family’s property, he did absolutely everything he could to try to get her out – but to no avail!

The well that cat was trapped in is 110 feet deep!

According to reports, the cat had been stuck down this particular well for the better part of a year, but Awais only noticed the cat recently. Being a lover of cats, he knew he couldn’t leave the cat in the well to suffer, he turned to social media to solicit help. He decided to get in touch with Edhi and PAWS (Pakistan Animal Welfare Society) to devise a plan to get the cat out.

No matter what kind of help arrived, he just knew it wouldn’t be easy to rescue this cat!


Many of his employees send food down to the cat each and every day to keep her alive.


Eventually, K-Electric joined the team. They provided a crane and supervision. With the three forces combined, they worked tirelessly to retrieve this poor tuxedo cat.

Everyone’s hard work paid off! They rescued the cat!


“I’m grateful to everyone who helped rescue this cat,” Awais told The Express Tribue. He also pointed out that he was grateful for the efforts of the online community that helped Awais rally the troops to save the cat!


The efforts put forth by all parties involved is absolutely heartwarming and stunning – all to save the life of this precious kitty!


For more, visit Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) on Facebook!

Photo credits: K-Electric