Apparently Simon’s Cat and Sesame Street – Are a Thing Now!

LONDON – Endemol Shine UK’s Simon’s Cat and Sesame Street will soon be teaming up on two new videos featuring the global brands.

The collaboration is a portion of Sesame Street’s Love to Learn campaign. The videos see the mischievous kitty from the animated comedy series Simon’s Cat teaching Elmo how to behave more like a feline. In the debut YouTube collaboration, Elmo observes how cats like to sleep, clean and also play.

Each video is approximately two-minutes long, and Simon’s Cat and Sesame Street will each release one video right on their respective YouTube channels. The two videos, which premiered recently, feature a very unique content aimed at children and families.

Simon Tofield, who is the creator of Simon’ Cat stated, “I grew up watching Sesame Street and the chance to get to work with one of the best-loved characters in the show was a fantastic opportunity! Simon’s Cat’s slapstick comedy has a lot in common with the humor of Sesame Street and I think the two sit together really well.”

Scott Chambers, who is the senior VP and general manager of North America media and licensing at Sesame Workshop, explained: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Simon’s Cat, one of the most popular animated channels on YouTube, to encourage kids and their families to tune in to our curated content from our Love to Learn campaign.”

Through the Love to Learn campaign, which runs from July to December, Elmo explores a new topic each month. The furry red monster learns all about animals and music, cooking and kindness, and more, with a host of YouTube stars.