Pet Cat Named Leo Bravely Stands Up To Fierce Bobcat Terrorizing His Owners’ New Mexico Street And …

Residents who live in a northwest Albuquerque, New Mexico, neighborhood had quite the shock when they looked out their windows and saw a bobcat roaming the streets.

The animal literally came face-to-face with its own surprise when it ran into a neighbor’s cat.

The pet, whose name is Leo, had a stare down with the wild animal.

Leo bravely stood his ground in front of the much larger cat.

The homeowner’s husband went outside and tried to startle the bobcat, which quickly ran away.

The pet then bravely decided to chase the bobcat. Leo was spotted later in the day unharmed.

The bobcat seemed right at home there on the paved streets, walking around like it owned the place.

A woman simply couldn’t believe her husband when he came inside and told her that a bobcat was outside on Wednesday evening.

‘My husband came in and said there’s a bobcat in the front yard. Of course, I didn’t believe him,’ Anita Bruce stated to KOAT 7.

‘I went to the security cameras and then I saw this guy walking across. And sure enough, big bobcat,’ she concluded.

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